February 18, 2022
Max Stevens

Welcome to the best tattoo hub in the UK covering everything you need to know about tattoos. Our team of expert tattoo experts continually seek out the newest information. On top of that, our medical reviewers are all qualified UK health professionals who ensure that the advice we provide is the most honest, transparent and up-to-date advice for tattoos.

Without further ado, let’s cover some of our main topics:

  • Are you scared about tattoo pain? We’ve gone through the anatomy of each body part, plus scoured high and low for genuine experiences from real people to give you the best idea of tattoo pain before going into the studio.
  • Maybe you have a horror tattoo or perhaps you want to make space for a new tattoo, or to finally complete your sleeve? Well, Tattoo Removal is a common procedure and we cover it in-depth!
  • Are you looking for your next tattoo and trying to search for the next amazing design? Well, we’ve covered all the Tattoo Ideas & Meanings and if you ever want to find out more then just give us a message.


Max Stevens

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