Tattoos After Weight Loss: What Happens?

April 27, 2022
Max Stevens

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What Happens to Tattoos When You Lose Weight?

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Losing weight can be a challenge, but what about the extra skin and tattoos? Learn what happens to tattoos when you lose weight and how to take care of them.

What Happens to Tattoos When You Lose Weight?

Weight loss is a great way to improve your health, but it can be hard to start this journey if you consider other factors—like tattoos.

It’s a common fear for people with tattoos to think that their ink will look distorted as they lose weight, but there’s no need to worry.

This article will explore what happens to tattoos when you lose weight and how best to take care of your ink during your transformation.

What Happens To Our Skin When We Lose Weight?

Before we get into how weight loss can affect tattoos, it’s important to understand what happens to our skin when we drop pounds.

When you lose weight, your skin will naturally start to thin out and sag in certain areas. This is due to the loss of fat underneath the skin, which provides structure and support.

The skin is also less elastic when there is less subcutaneous fat, so it doesn’t snap back into place as quickly. However, skin sagging will depend on several other factors such as age, genetics, and sun damage.

It can also depend on how drastic the weight loss is and how much weight was gained in the first place.

How Will Weight Loss Affect My Tattoo?

Most people assume that their tattoos will stretch out and become distorted as they slim down, but this rarely happens.

However, if you’ve undergone extreme weight loss—40kgs (100lbs) or more–your tattoo may change shape, size, and appearance.

Usually, the more drastic the weight loss, the more likely your tattoo will be affected. The skin cannot keep up with the rapid loss of fat, so it stretches and tears more easily.

However, suppose you’ve lost weight gradually. In that case, it’s unlikely that your tattoo will experience any significant changes because your skin has had time to adjust.

Best Places To Get a Tattoo If You’re Losing Weight

If you’re considering getting a tattoo but are worried about how it will look as you lose weight, a few places in your body are ideal for inking.

Body parts that are relatively immune to weight fluctuations include the side of the ribs, lower legs, and forearms.

Places like the wrist, feet, and ankles are also good options because they don’t tend to stretch as much as other parts of the body.

As a general rule, it’s best to avoid getting tattoos in areas prone to sagging or stretching, such as the stomach, breasts, and buttocks.

Should You Wait Until You’ve Reached Your Goal Weight To Get a Tattoo?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question, as it ultimately comes down to personal preference.

Some people choose to wait until they’ve reached their goal weight before getting a tattoo to be sure of how it will look in the end. This also serves as their reward for all their hard work reaching their target weight.

Others, however, are more impulsive and decide to get inked regardless of their weight loss journey. If this is you, just consult with a tattoo artist beforehand to discuss your concerns and devise a plan that will work best for you.

Caring For Your Tattoo During Weight Loss

If you already have a tattoo and are concerned about how it will look as you lose weight, you can do a few things to minimise any changes.

Firstly, make sure you stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water each day. This will help to keep your skin healthy and elastic, which will, in turn, prevent any sagging or stretching.

It’s also important to keep your skin moisturised, especially if you’re starting to see any changes in your tattoo. Use a hypoallergenic lotion or cream and apply it generously to the area.

Avoid exposure to sunlight as much as possible, as this can cause further damage to your skin and make any changes to your tattoo more noticeable.

And finally, be patient. Remember that it takes time for your skin to adjust to changes in your body. Give it some time to see any major differences in your tattoo.

It’s also never healthy to resort to fad diets or crash dieting to lose weight quickly. These methods can cause more harm than good and will only make any changes to your tattoo more noticeable.

Final Thoughts

Extreme weight loss can undoubtedly affect your tattoo, but it doesn’t have to be bad. If you’re worried about how your tattoo will look as you slim down, there are a few things you can do to minimise any changes.

And if you’re thinking about getting a tattoo, certain places in your body are less prone to weight fluctuations.

Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide whether or not to get a tattoo while you’re losing weight. There is no right or wrong answer, as it all comes down to personal preference.

If you decide to go ahead with it, just be sure to consult with a tattoo artist beforehand and take care of your skin during the weight loss process.


Max Stevens

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