Wing Tattoo Meaning

March 8, 2022
Max Stevens

One of the best ways to express your love of freedom and movement is by getting a wing tattoo. This can also serve as a remembrance of your loved ones, reminding you of the happy and soulful memories you had. Some people also get wing tattoos to show their faith in themselves or a higher being. It gives them a constant reminder of their strength and courage to overcome their fear and face any challenge. 

You see, people do not get wing tattoos out of spite. This process is deep and personal. People get tattoos of wings of angels, butterflies, even bees meaning differently to each individual. If you plan to have one yourself, here are fourteen wing tattoo ideas you’ll love. 

There are different tattoos you can get that can symbolise what you want: remembrance, faith, coping, metamorphosis, connection with a guide or spirit animal, affinity with nature, and many more. Because of these, there are a variety of designs to choose from. Here are some inspirations you can use:

1. Phoenix

One of the best wing tattoos you can get is a Phoenix or a pair of phoenix wings. As you may know, the Phoenix is known for the phrase “rising from the ashes.”  It symbolizes rebirth, rising, and growth. This could also serve as an alternative to the Eagle tattoo, which could be too masculine for some women. You can get it in vibrant red, purple, or yellow tones to remind you that you can rise above any obstacle.

Painted Phoenix Tattoo

2. Fairy

Another popular choice for wing tattoos is a pair of fairy wings. This is ideal for people who have a whimsical side, those who love fantasies or fiction. However, it can also be a symbol of beauty and mystery.

Fairy Tattoo on Ankle

3. Angel

The third on the list is angel wings. This is often the most straightforward but most sentimental design that people get. This reflects one’s personality or faith. But it can also represent one’s struggles and losses, including how one copes with these difficulties. 

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If you’re planning to get angel wing tattoos, you can choose to have them cover your back. It represents your belief that you will be taken by angels one day and reside beside them. You can also choose to get a pair of tiny angel wings on an area of your choosing to represent an angel’s guidance or presence by your side. 

You could also get an angel wing tattoo with a halo. This serves as a remembrance of the loved ones you’ve lost over the years. This tattoo could get very personal, especially when you add the names or initials of your loved ones into the art.

Angel Wings Vector

4. Tribal

People also opt to get a tribal tattoo representing their personality, affinity to a tribe or group, religious belief, or ancestral culture. Of course, tribal wing tattoos have various designs and meanings, depending on the religion, culture, and ethnicity. So, you need to make sure you know exactly what tattoo you’re getting.

Tribal Tattoo Vector

5. Butterfly Wings

The next most popular wing tattoo is a butterfly. Butterflies are symbols of change and transformation. It usually represents how one could get out of a challenging situation and learn from it to become a stronger individual. The best part is, you could get creative with your butterfly tattoo to give it that unique edge that will symbolize your personality and experiences.

Butterfly Wings Tattoo on left arm

6. Winged Cross

You could also get a winged cross, which could represent your belief in religious freedom. It could also serve as a tribute to your lost loved ones or a reminder of a troubling or near-death circumstance.

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Winged Cross Tattoo on Upper back

7. Heart With Wings

A heart tattoo represents love, romance, or passion. It is one of the most powerful symbols one could get. If you pair it with wings, it could represent strength, courage, and freedom.

Heart with Dove wings

8. Eagle Wings

Eagles are one of the most majestic creatures. A tattoo of it could represent your affinity with the noble bird. It also represents clarity, luck, power, dominance, and spirituality. You can decide to have a large eagle covering your chest, representing your belief that you’ll be reincarnated as an eagle when you die. Or you could also get a small eagle on any area of your body, which represents strength, courage, o affinity with the noble bird.

Eagle Wings Tattoo on Right side of torso

9. Winged Skull

A skull symbolises death while wings symbolise life and freedom. If you pair these contradicting symbols together, it could create a message saying death can be freeing, or your soul has reached a life after death.

Winged Skull

10. Winged Star

Another idea for a tattoo is a winged star. This is usually a remembrance to loved ones who have fallen at sea.

Star with Wings vector

11. Valkyrie Wings

In Scandinavian mythology, Valkyries are the bravest women who go into battle to protect their people. If you want to represent your strength and courage, you could get Valkyrie wing tattoos on your body.

Valkyrie Wings Vector

12. Remembrance Guitar With Angel Wings Tattoo

If you’re passionate about guitars or music, you could get a guitar with wings. A remembrance guitar with angel wings tattoo is a common tattoo to remember someone in your life who used to play guitar.

It can also be used to symbolise your love for music or your belief that music sets you free. Although, the main reason for inking a remembrance guitar with angel wings is to remember a loved one.

guitar with angel wings tattoo on leg
Remembrance Guitar with Angel Wings Tattoo. Source:

13. Bee Tattoo

Last but not least, the bee tattoo is one of the best designs you can get. This symbolises loyalty, as bees are loyal to their colony and will do anything to protect it. By getting a bee tattoo, it could represent your devotion to your loved ones or your passion for your work. Whatever the case is, you can communicate with your tattoo artist to discuss how you can get that unique edge on your tattoo. 

There you have it. These are only some of the best wing tattoo ideas you can get to represent your personality, beliefs, and experiences. If you’re wondering how many hours it takes to get a tattoo, it depends on the size and the details. For smaller tattoos, it could take an hour or two. But for larger ones, it usually lasts three to five hours. Some sessions could even be split into days. You could do it every other day for three to six days. Consult with your tattoo artist today and communicate with the best tattoo design that best suits you.

Bee Tattoo on Elbow and Arm


Max Stevens

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