Eagle Tattoo Meaning: A Symbol Of Courage

March 8, 2022
Max Stevens

Many individuals are amazed by the eagle’s symbolism rather than its beauty. They are undeniably one of the most popular birds symbols in modern tattooing, and people would describe them as powerful, fearless birds that represent a sense of pride and courage.

Eagles are often seen as a beast, but they also possess a loving and soft side. Many civilisations and countries have adopted the eagle as a symbol, extending its limits beyond power and bravery.

In this article, we’ll look at things to consider when getting an eagle tattoo, such as their meaning, symbolism and different creative ideas for eagle tattoos.

The Cultural Significance of Eagle Tattoo

The eagle exists in many stories that inspire many people, and this perception manifested in many civilisations. Eagles represent wisdom and strength for some cultures and tribes across the world. 

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For Native Americans Culture

Eagle tattoos have always been considered sacred symbols by Native Americans. They believed that those spirits of leaders who died become eagles that will protect them, which is why Native America give high respect for eagles and never attempt to kill them.

For Japanese Culture

For the Japanese, eagle tattoos symbolise strength and the immense power of nature.  Because the eagle is a predator, it represents supremacy in Japanese tattoos.

For Chinese Culture

It is said to signify dedication, power, and bravery in culture.

For German Culture

Another nation’s symbol of power and strength is the German eagle. The German eagle tattoo is fierce, has black feathers and represents loyalty to a country and its heritage back to ancient times.

Meaning of Different Eagle Tattoos

An eagle tattoo is a mesmerising and symbolic artwork, and there are loads of eagle variations you can find. The overall design of the tattoo accentuates the message and contribute to the attraction of the image.

Eagle Tattoo with Tribal Designs

Tribal patterns represent authority and strength. Choosing an eagle tattoo tribal design has personal meaning to most people depending on their ethnic culture and beliefs.

Fighting Eagle Tattoo

In a battle, an eagle opens its claws to grab its opponent and looks to be screaming. A ferocious eagle illustration represents bravery, will, and power.

Eagle Head Tattoo

With huge ferocious eyes, this signifies vision and concentration. 

Eagle Feather Tattoo

The feathers of an eagle might use to highlight leadership. The colour of the tattoo should look attractive rather than black and white. 

Representing an eagle’s feather rather than the entire bird may symbolise that a piece of you is gone since the feather is all that remains.

Common Eagle Tattoo Designs

The following are favourite designs and their meaning that might help you choose the perfect eagle tattoo.

Black Eagle

This tattoo signifies bravery and a fighting spirit. The simple design focuses on the dark colours that help attract attention quickly. 

Consider this fearless beast on your chest or at the back.

Red and White Striped Eagle

This design is associated with the American Flag gives a sense of patriotism and national pride 

with this red and white striped eagle tattoo. The best placement for this tattoo is in the chest or shoulders.

Swooping Eagle

This design symbolises the eagle’s focus and vision. Adding different shades and elements 

such as other animals or forests as their natural habitat is a cool upgrade. 

Eagle in Black and Gray

This design is ideal for someone who likes dark-themed tattoos; a black and grey eagle resting on a skull or melting candles in the background is a picture of victory over death.  

Flying Eagle

This fierce creature is represented by towering high mountains in this design. The brown feather of the eagle’s body should differentiate with white ink on the neckline and yellow for its feet and beak for a naturalistic representation. 

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Shades for Eagle Tattoo

Different colours for the eagle tattoo will show distinct emotions and the different patterns used to convey the message.


Red symbolises courage, life, passion, and love. This colour signifies the love in carrying a heart or a rose. 

To show the emotion of the eagle, make the eyes stand out with bright colours.


This kind of shade represents satisfaction, friendship, and hope. It’s famous for matching tattoos that individuals like to put their family, spouse, or friend’s name in the tattoo anywhere on the sides. 


The colour orange represents happiness, creativity, and determination. It also describes spiritual intensity and concentration. 

Artists usually design an orange bird holding something as a symbol of their craft.


White is a colour that represents calmness, purity, simplicity, and innocence. Though, most tattoo shops are not available with white ink. 

Using white ink also requires skill; therefore, before choosing, consider your artist’s experience and knowledge in tattooing white ink. Use various colours in the eagle’s body, such as legs, feathers, eyes, or beaks, to express a series of emotions. 

Popular Tattoo Areas on the Body

Tattoos can be put everywhere on the body, from the shoulder to the feet. An eagle tattoo art will look beautiful in any area of the body. 

Aside from tattoo design, colour, and subject, another thing to keep in mind is placement.

If you don’t mind your tattoo, be noticeable; pick your favourite place. However, if you choose to be covered, the chest, back, thighs or shoulder is an excellent place to consider.

Palm and Fingers

On the fingers, a tiny tattoo with long feathers glances beautiful. The eagle’s body may be placed on the palm, specifically in the back, while the feathers are on the side of the fingers.


Body areas like the arms, thighs, chest, and back are ideal for more extensive tattoos. Eagle’s head will look pleasing on the shoulder. 

Men usually want this design to represent physical strong in them.


The chest is a unique location for a soaring eagle tattoo. Enhance the design with elements, theme, and colour. By using some quotes depending on you, might emphasise the significance of the tattoo design.


Max Stevens

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