Hummingbird Tattoo Meaning

March 8, 2022
Max Stevens

The most popular bird tattoo is the hummingbird. Hummingbirds are the tiniest birds on the earth, yet they are among the most colourful and unique design that is great for considering when getting a tattoo.

Hummingbirds are intriguing because they can fly in all directions, even backward, sideways, and up and down. You cannot see this kind of species across every part of the world, which is why the meaning of this bird tattoo isn’t commonly known as the other tattoo symbols. 

The hummingbird tattoo interpretations and designs depend on the person. They can be made in different methods and a wide range of patterns and styles in diverse colours and dimensions.

This article will help you know the meaning and symbols of the hummingbird tattoos. Before taking your next tattoo, take this opportunity to understand and find ideas.

Hummingbird Tattoo on Calf
Colorful Hummingbird Tattoo

Every Symbol Has Its Own Story

native american hummingbird tattoo
Hummingbird tattoo with peonies Source:

Different civilisations considered hummingbirds to symbolise desire and love. Hummingbirds are found in some parts of the world, including America, Alaska, and Chile, influencing their folklore, mythology, and literature.

Hummingbirds are part of the Aztec culture, and they believe that those who will carry dead hummingbirds in tiny bags around their necks will help to allure the opposite gender.

Tribal groups such as Caingang and Butucuo has a different concept for hummingbird, and they consider this as the source of water. This bird tattoo can signify hardship and happiness and could be meaningful for a person who has gone through battles in life.

The tribe of Native American traditions seems entirely different. Still, they see the hummingbird as a beneficial guardian angel, messenger, healer, and provider of good fortune.

Also, the hummingbird is an excellent reminder that you should enjoy life to the fullest and appreciates every breath.

Hummingbird Tattoo Meaning 

Hummingbird is associated with meanings that vary from culture, and they can have different connotations for individuals based on their level. They also represent charm, life, hope, happiness, peace, and overcoming hardship.

A particular trait of hummingbirds is that they are always on the move, going so fast that they hum. This bird tattoo may signify energy and strength, hard work, and consistent effort for someone striving to perform an excellent job.

Other common meanings for hummingbird:

Hummingbird Symbolise Goodluck

The hummingbird is known to be a favourite bird among many is a sign of good fortune. The presence of hummingbirds encourages everyone to enjoy sweet life because a positive spirit attracts good fortune. 

Hummingbird Symbolise Spirits

The hummingbird is considered a messenger from your spirit guides, just like a butterfly. Take the chance if your encounter hummingbirds to say a prayer of appreciation and remember those loved ones that crossed over to the spirit realm.

Hummingbird Symbolise Relationship to Others

Hummingbird is an ideal tattoo for someone who likes being friendly because they are pretty pleasant to others.

A hummingbird tattoo might help have a positive mind and serve as a daily reminder of the bird’s beautiful sounds. A hummingbird tattoo is also a way to honour your loved ones who like hummingbirds. 

Popular Hummingbird Tattoo Design Ideas

There are various options for the design, pattern, style, and colours. It can associate with florals, sky, rainbows, plants, and butterflies.

Some people like to add an element to their hummingbird tattoo. For example, most women add flowers like roses to their tattoos as a pattern to express their sexuality and compassion. 

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The size of the hummingbird will depend on the part of the body. You can have one hummingbird or more, depending on your preference.

Here are some of the popular design ideas.

Abstract Hummingbird Tattoo

A great way to recognise the significant tiny bird is by tattooing an abstract hummingbird. An abstract tattoo is the best option if you are into bright colours and various elements such as butterflies, clouds, and flowers. 

Whether you use a larger or smaller pattern, this approach will create a strong statement.

Dimensional Hummingbird Tattoos

Among the most popular and up-to-date styles and designs for tattoos is the dimensional hummingbird tattoo. The use of techniques should incorporate geometric forms and dot work to achieve this hummingbird tattoo design.

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It’s perfect for both genders and usually tiny in size, either in white, black or in eye-catching hues. Because there is rarely much shading detail in this tattoo design, it is typically quicker to tattoo.

Watercolor Hummingbird Tattoos

2 colorful hummingbird tattoos
Colorful hummingbird tattoo Source:

Since tattoos are a part of art, try to have the traditional watercolour hummingbird design. This kind of design and style may give a hummingbird tattoo a mobility sensation by using a variety of bright or pastel hues. 

As the colours burst across your skin, they will evoke a sense of freedom and a strong personality.

Minimalist Hummingbird Tattoo

minimalist hummingbird tattoo
Hummingbird Tattoo on wrist Source:

A minimalist hummingbird tattoo design is ideal if you like a modest and elegant tattoo. These birds are known for this tattoo design because they are tiny and gentle. 

They may be applied everywhere on the body, from the wrist to the ear.

A Flock of Hummingbird Tattoos

flock of hummingbird tattoo on side of stomach
Hummingbird stomach tattoo Source:

A flock of hummingbirds tattoo complements your body shape, and style can combine the entire flock with small or large birds. They are most commonly done using a monochrome or a variety of colours and are suitable for any gender.

Best Placement for Hummingbird Tattoo

A tiny hummingbird tattoo can be placed anywhere on the body, including the stomach, chest, neck, wrist, ankle, behind the ear, or other body parts. It is best to apply a larger hummingbird tattoo; it is best to apply it on the lower, upper, and side of the back and shoulders for a larger hummingbird tattoo. 

Remember, getting a tattoo near your bones may be pretty painful. Always do your research on areas of the body to check if they will be tolerable or uncomfortable.

Although the hummingbird has many beautiful interpretations still, you have the freedom to choose the design that is meaningful to you because this will represent your unique character as a person.

It is important to understand the symbols and meanings of the tattoo you choose before making decisions to avoid mistakes and regrets afterwards.


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