Fox Tattoo Meaning

March 8, 2022
Max Stevens

It is surprising to know the importance of the fox as a tattoo symbol. Everyone sees a fox as an intelligent and cunning creature in tales, literature, film, and cartoon who can discover solutions to a problematic situation. 

Many people like the fox as a symbol to their tattoo, and it has been a common design option in modern tattooing because it constantly looks wonderful to any part of the body.

We’ll take a look at some points to consider why fox tattoos belong to one of the best choices in tattoos art these days and the design ideas that you may incorporate into your overall look.

The History Behind Fox

In Ancient history, the fox represents the image of craftiness and a wise animal. The cunningness is considered a negative aspect in the tales and stories but is a reminder that foxes have clever tactics to deceive others.

In Japanese tattoo folklore, fox refers to the term “kutsine”. A type of spirit animal that can transform to deceive people. The fox’s magical and unique power tricks and tease selfish or arrogant people, but they also possess a gentle side, which depicts them as devoted and loyal friends and partners.

For Celtic people, foxes in their culture symbolise cunning, but they see it as a positive attribute because of their intelligence rather than a bad trait. For Native Americans, a fox describes as a trickster who will continuously find ways to invade secured houses to get food and deceive others by their naughty persona.

Cultures and religions worldwide have different interpretations when it comes to fox cultural meaning and symbolism. It is important to remember that not all cultures view foxes as sly animals.

Fox Tattoo on Elbow
Orange Fox Tattoo on Thigh

What Do Fox Tattoos Symbolise?

Because foxes are associated with several human characteristics, they represent positive and negative symbolism. 

Wisdom and Intelligence  

The most notable is the characteristics of foxes. Those as clever as a fox typically understand how to make the most of any circumstance.


Fox are quick thinkers, aware of their surroundings and actions around them. A fox can keep control of a situation and conceive strategies to solve difficulties by being alert.


Female foxes in familiar animated characters have long, lovely eyelashes to attract the animals around them.

Other positive symbolism of the fox tattoo

  • Charm and beauty
  • Protection
  • Passion
  • Guidance
  • Fertility
  • Prosperity
  • Commitment and fidelity

Unfortunately, we cannot simply deny the negative traits associated with foxes. The following are the negative fox tattoo symbolism:

  • Cunning
  • Slyness
  • Trickster
  • Danger
  • Warning
  • Scrutiny

The Significance of a Fox Tattoo for Women

Women choosing a fox tattoo art to emphasise that regardless of appearing delicate, they can speak up for themselves when mistreated. 

A cuddling fox tattoo design signifies a special bond with family and suggests that the lady wearing it will be kinder and softer elements of her natural character.

A fox tattoo is not appropriate and recommended for fearful and indecisive women. Knowing the fox’s charming, intelligent, and passionate personality, the union of two opposed spirits may bring bad luck to someone who has a tattoo.

The Significance of a Fox Tattoo for Men

One of the most popular designs for men is a grinning fox, which reflects a strong spirit, the capacity to stand and fight and succeed any goal set by the individual, even if it’s against all odds.

Fox tattoos are typically considered feminine; this may symbolise specific characteristics of a man’s personality. However, guys should avoid tattoos with sexy features since such designs highlight femininity and sexuality.

Fox tattoos for guys are also a symbol of loyalty. Foxes spend their entire lives with only one mate and live and die alone when their mate dies. 

Men who get a fox tattoo want to express their affection or dedication to their family.

Popular Meaning and Design Ideas for a Fox Tattoo

The Asian fox

Asian myth, the fox, in addition to being clever and signifying survival, can shapeshift into a beautiful young lady, create an illusion, seduce gentlemen, and drive them insane.

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The Russian Fox

The fox character is an idealistically sexy figure in Russian myths. They are clever and seductive, allowing herself to take anything she wishes from those other species.

The Celtic Fox

In Celtic folklore, foxes, signify the capacity to adapt to rapidly changing environments and challenging conditions, regardless of how awful they are, exposing their total capacity.

The Red Fox

Besides being the most attractive fox, it associates with the symbolism of femininity and sensuality. A fox with a soft, bushy, curled tail symbolises the person wearing its sense of humour.

The tone of the design inspires tattoo interpretations. If the fox has an aggressive expression and a terrifying grin, the tattoo sends a message to anyone who plans and wants to attack the owner.

Fox with Flowers

The combination of fox and flowers or diamonds symbolises that the spirit who has such a tattoo is exciting, sensitive, and vulnerable. This design can finish a stunning tattoo appearance with contrasting flowers to make the fox stand out.

Fox and Rabbit

These creatures have similarities even though they are natural enemies. Foxes and rabbits also symbolise life and sexual attractiveness. Rabbits, like foxes, can escape danger owing to their intelligence and agility.

Small Fox Tattoo

Small tattoos designs are visually appealing, minimalist, and can place on any part of the body. A fox tattoo can be as simple as lines or geometric patterns, or it might be a tiny coloured kind of tattoo. 

Smaller tattoos are considerably more private than bigger ones. Rather than showing something to the entire world, they convey something to the individual wearing it.

Fox Tattoo Placement

If you are interested in having a fox tattoo, it should be placed on the right area of the body. The tattoo placement depends on the size and design of your chosen tattoo and the degree of comfort.

For something little and modest, areas of the body such as collar bone, neck, wrist, and hands are the ideal place. A simple fox tattoo face design would look great on your leg and help you accomplish some unique body art.

If you are into Asian Fox tattoo, which is dramatic and large, getting an Asian fox tattoo is best for your shoulder, chest, back, stomach, or thighs. Colourful fox tattoos look great on the arms too.

After getting a fox tattoo, keep your tattoo as clean as possible to give it enough time to heal then you’ll enjoy a new tattoo design to cherish for decades.


Max Stevens

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