Moth Tattoo Meaning

March 8, 2022
Max Stevens

We know several insects tattoos in the world has exciting and symbolic meaning. People choose unique designs and patterns tattooed in their bodies with deep meanings, and each tattoo is carefully picked.

Moth’s appearance and size vary based on the species; some are large, while others are small. Moth’s incredible characteristic is its ability to imitate other creatures.

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Moth tattoos have been becoming appealing for decades because of the stunning designs, frequently tiny and delicate patterns.

In this article, please find out about moth tattoo’s meanings and designs, as well as all you need to know about them. Continue reading to learn more!

Why is Moth Tattoo Popular?

Countless individuals have recreated different kinds of beautiful insects on their bodies in a wide range of styles and techniques. Moth tattoos are becoming an increasingly popular result of the current societal emphasis on self-care and inner awareness. 

Moths are beautiful, perfect, and indications of a new life to attain personal and spiritual growth.

What Does Moth Tattoo Mean?

There are hundreds of thousands of moths across the world. Being a member of an ancient family, the moth is very sensitive to the movement of the earth and moon.

Moths are intriguing animals that move in the night but are drawn to brightness. Because it’s difficult to tell what they’re up to, their presence might elicit conflicting sensations of amazement and dread.

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Moths have developed significantly over time, and having moth tattoos shows a person being adaptable and willing to fight through challenging times, believing that a better day will come.

Moths signify healing, spiritual insight, mental skills, and energy. They appear to be great reminders to discover your secret aspirations and awaken your real self.

Moth Symbolic Meaning in Different Cultures 

For Native American, there is two symbols of moth, either sacred creatures or messenger of death. The Chinese and Japanese celebrate a festival that honours their deceased family member and think it is associated with moths. 

The event is celebrated during April, and the number of moths flying signifies the souls of those who have died. Japanese culture also believes that a moth embodies the soul of a living person. 

In Mexican culture, the moth is referred to as the “Black Witch”, with a form like a bath with massive black wings. They believed it was a symbol of death and a source of dread for all those who witnessed it.

Common Interpretation for Moth Tattoo


Symbolism lies at the heart of moth tattoo designs. 

Moths begin life as a caterpillar, munching on leaves before constructing a cocoon. The deconstructed caterpillar’s body is only to be reassembled and rebuilt as a new animal.

Because of the creature’s tremendous metamorphosis, it has become a famous symbol for anybody who has gone through a period of personal growth.

They symbolise a person’s imperfection in a good sense because there is no perfect in this world and give the idea of learning to know your worth and self-acceptance.

They can also be used as a particular reminder to remain on the road to persistence. Moths have a profound connection to the moon, and life is considered an endless cycle.

Moths are frequently great examples of tattoo designs connected to modification, effort, and renewal.

Moth Tattoo Design Ideas

Luna Moth Tattoo

People use the Luna moth as inspiration for their stunning tattoo art because it is an excellent symbol for self-discovery. It also signifies perseverance, positive and adaptability from the profound transformation and rebirth.

Using several techniques and methods to create beautiful tattoos, frequently engage with current approaches that incorporate naturalism, colour, and vibrancy.

Death Head Moth Tattoo

Death moth tattoo designs resemble a skull with a moth and are among the most traditional ones offered, expressing the rich and diverse tattooing culture. The meaning of death head moth tattoo is silence which individuals who like silence naturally prefer to have death moth tattoos on their bodies.

Dagger and Moth Tattoo

The design of the two elements is frequently traditional that represents life and death. The best placement for this tattoo is in the arm to express the feeling that time is a great healer for all wounds, but it will never be the same as before. 

Atlas Tattoo

Atlas moths hibernate throughout the winter season in caves and mountains. Because of this, the insect’s magical skills and perfection became popular tattoo art portrayed on a person’s body.

Luna moth and death head moth tattoos are known in the world of moth tattoo ideas. But there are also various symbolic patterns used in tattoo art.

  • White plume moth 
  • Emperor moth
  • The hummingbird moth 
  • Silkworm moth
  • Tiger moth 
  • Diamondback moth 

Are Moths a Bad Luck?

With moths continuously being associated with death, darkness, and misery, you may be wondering if the arrival of a moth is bad luck.

Moths are frequently associated with misfortune and death; Death’s-head Hawkmoth and the Black Witch Moth are species that appear to have a skull on their back. This design should not lead to the misconception that moths are an unfavourable omen. 

Keep in mind that there are hundreds of thousands of different species of moths. Moths do not bring lousy fortune spiritually. 

Moth’s presence frequently warns you about potential temptations in your life or urges you to continue on your spiritual quest. They can symbolise the negative side of change, like grief, but there are always new beginnings and life changes.

Where to Get Moth Tattoo?

Moth tattoo can go anywhere on your body; for traditional and classic small moth tattoos, it is appealing on the wrist, side of the chest, ears, collarbone, and ankle. It is ideal for placing larger moth tattoos on the neck, arms, back, shoulder, or thigh.

Regardless of what type of tattoo you choose, it’s always a good idea to research and understand the symbol’s meaning because this guarantees that you will select a design with a special meaning for you.


Max Stevens

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