Sun Tattoo Meaning

March 8, 2022
Max Stevens

Sun tattoos are one of the all-time great tattoo designs. There are different designs of sun tattoos, and they can be simple, aesthetic, timeless and profoundly symbolic.

This season, the sun tattoo design is getting modern day by day and has a classic design for the bodies perfect for men and women. Sun tattoos have a variety of deeper meanings associated with them that convey messages to people.

Before knowing the meaning and different ideas of sun tattoos, let’s dive and appreciate the history of how it has become influential nowadays.

Historical Significance of the Sun

Different cultures have embraced and worshipped the sun as a symbol of life since the dawn of civilisation. The sun has been considered a symbol of energy and fertility through several ancient cultures.

Civilisations such as Greeks, Egyptians and Romans considered the sun their God thousands of years ago. The ancient Egyptians believed that the sun represented Horus, Ra, and Osiris, while Greeks viewed Zeus as the sun god.

Nonetheless, the Incas honoured the sun as the divine ancestor of the nation. In Chinese culture, the sun is thought to symbolise the cosmic eye of the sky and the male essence, Yang. 

American-Indians believed the sun was their saviour and had the power to heal. Nowadays, most people would consider the sun tattoo design to symbolise overcoming challenges and the light as a guide to let you out of sorrow.

Light, as a reflection of the sun, can contribute to discovering the truth. Sun takes us from the most challenging moments to earn the brightest futures.

Sun Tattoo on Lower Shoulder

What Does the Sun Symbolise?

The sun is an essential aspect of people’s lives in culture and spirituality. The sun has been a symbol of faith, beauty, energy, protection, truth, health, and life cycle. 

People worldwide admired this sun tattoos design, and it became one of the most recognised symbols. Here are some different interpretations of the Sun. 

Sun Symbolise Life

Sun is the main factor that helps animals, plants, and humans survive as they contribute to life energies. Having the sun’s energy indicates possessing the ability to prosper and grow in life.

Sun Symbolise Positivity

Sun can boost our morale and make us feel better about ourselves. Those who have the sun as a personal symbol are believed to have bright and cheerful characteristics that “always look on the bright side of life.”

Sun Symbolise Peace

There aren’t many things more peaceful than watching the sunset quietly. Sunsets are a wonderful reminder to rest our hearts and emotions to attain inner peace.

Sun Symbolise Direction

People nowadays mostly use sun tattoos to remind themselves of their life’s path. We trust the sun as a guiding light to keep us on our path when finding our journey.

Sun Symbolise Energy

The sun is connected to having the energy to become productive in everyday life. To be energetic suggests that you appreciate the life you have and are passionate about everything you do.

Favourite Sun Tattoo Designs

Sun and Moon 

These tattoos may represent the relationships between two unique entities. Wearers of this design convey the willingness to embrace their different sides of the world. 

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Similarly to how the Sun brings light and energy to the world, the moon’s radiance brightens the night sky. The Sun and Moon also have different characteristics, and there is a distinct counterpart who both bring light at their own time of day.

Sun and Stars 

This tattoo design signifies all of your most significant accomplishments in life. This design frequently portrays the sun and three stars, although it may also feature the moon, stars, and sun.

Rising Sun

The rising sun represents the start of a new day and the beginnings of a new life on the earth for yourself and your family or loved ones. The rising sun tattoo may also reflect a person’s physical transformations.

More Sun Tattoo Ideas

A sun tattoo is expressed in various forms and styles, including tribal styles and suns with word banners around them. 

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Some exciting styles you may want to consider:

  • Tribal sun tattoos
  • Geometric sun tattoos
  • Realistic sun tattoos
  • Dotwork sun tattoos
  • Sleeping sun tattoos
  • Elegant sun and moon tattoos
  • Burning sun tattoos
  • Sun tattoos with realistic faces
  • Sleeve sun tattoos
  • Demon sun tattoos
  • Sun tattoos with planets linked to them

Where Is the Best Placement For The Sun Tattoo?

Since you can apply sun tattoos to the skin in various ways, a sun tattoo may take many forms, designs and styles that are perfect for any area of the body.

A small sun tattoo on the wrist is a popular choice as the circular shape complements the placement, and it’s simple to make it work with fresh tattoos.

The sun foot tattoo has also grown in popularity, as it is a modest enough symbol to allow a detailed tattoo design on a smaller area such as the foot.

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A medium-sized tattoo on the shoulder, forearm or thigh would be an excellent choice. Moreover, the Sun provides incredible large scenes, especially Biblical ones making them popular tattoo sleeves and back or chest pieces.

It is always best to research the symbolic meaning and designs that best represents who you are as an individual.

How Long Does It Take for the Sun Tattoo to Heal?

Sun tattoos are exciting and attractive but showing them off right away is not advisable. There should be no overexposure to the Sun’s damaging rays as it will result in scabbing and rapid fading of the tattoo’s colour and vibrancy.

After having a tattoo, the outer layer of skin will usually recover in 2 to 3 weeks. In contrast, the skin beneath a tattoo can take up to 6 months to truly heal.

Always listen to your tattoo artist’s instructions.


Max Stevens

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